Therapy Services Documentation Training
Winner of the 2014 "Best of the Best" ALFA Award. This course on therapy services documentation was specifically designed for a population of therapists that use 7-inch tablets. The tablets were how they accessed a web-based documentation tool that the training related to. It was kept graphically lean and mobile friendly for users that would often not be on WiFi.

The Brookdale Experience
Part of a new associate's on-boarding is taking this course that introduces them to the company mission and culture. It includes videos, game-type interactions, and a "badge" collecting mechanism to engage the user.

This was a custom-built (JavaScript-based) matching game that I inserted into Captivate.

Interactive Sales Training Videos
I liked the simplicity of this. (not simple to execute.) It contains branching to "good" and "bad" scenarios and resulting feedback and probing questions throughout.

Recruiting Process Poster

Boss Versus Leader

Supervisor Training Announcement
Use of the QR code was a helpful innovation as the full URL to the online registration was a mile long--there was no way anyone would remember it.

Day in the Life of L&D Production
This was an self-promotion piece to help our internal departments understand a little bit about the eLearning development process. I shared in coming up with the concept, executed some of the graphics, wrote the script, and recorded the narration.

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